Class of 2015

The students of the Class of 2015 were a lucky class: they were the participants in the largest celebration of coffee in history held at the Universal Exhibition (EXPO) in Milan.

1. Ashritha B.C – India
2. Bruno Gonçalves Ribeiro – Brazil
3. Claudia Baldassi – Italy
4. Delvana Mutarutwa – Burundi
5. Diana Alexandra Gomez Paramo – Colombia
6. Diogo Amorim – Portugal
7. Iliana Delgado Chegwin – Colombia
8. Juan Andres Gutierrez – El Salvador
9. Juan Esteban Cardona Yepes – Colombia
10. Kevin Njogu Njuki – Kenya
11. Marcelo Bothrel Zanetti – Brazil
12. Marco Falcomer – Italy
13. Margherita Cescutti – Italy
14. Maria Cristina Fett Furtado de Andrade – Brazil
15. Mihir Lawrence Francis Rebello – India
16. Olfron Saldanha – India
17. Olvin Rodriguez – Honduras
18. Wissam Charaf – Lebanon
19. Zekariyas Zerihun Abebe – Ethiopia

At EXPO, specifically in the Coffee Cluster pavilion, the Class of 2015 gave presentations of each module of the didactic program that composes the Master, covering the entire coffee chain from a scientific as well as from an economic point of view.

“Why did I decide to do this master? Working on a coffee plantation, I always thought I needed to know more about the economics part of the coffee sector. I needed to leave the plantation to fully understand the sector in order to understand also how the system works in the consuming countries”.

- Bruno Gonçalves Ribeiro

“I would definitely recommend this Master to all those people who work in the economic side of the sector. It is so important to know also the scientific part that is behind the world of coffee. This knowledge makes our work easier by understanding what is happening both in the coffee plantations as well as in the industrial sector. There is a lot more science involved than you can imagine”.

- Iliana Delgado Chegwin

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