Class of 2014

The Class of 2014 was perhaps the one in which the emotional connotation of the Master was the strongest. In their five-month stay in Trieste, sharing their daily lives together, the students of the Class of 2014 formed unbreakable relationships that have extended to what we can now call a true network of graduates in Coffee Economics and Science.

In this network that extends throughout the world, students discuss common themes, information is exchanged and news on coffeee is spread with the aim of helping one another.

With the Class of 2014, the following students have officially become a part of this network:

1. Abiyu Melaku Addis – Ethiopia
2. Angelica Maria Madrigal García – Colombia
3. Chengcheng Su – China
4. Diego José Bolaños Fuentes – El Salvador
5. Elena Zottig Pintor – Italy
6. Emmerence Ndishimiyimana – Burundi
7. Eric Medina – United States
8. Gabriel Miari – Brazil
9. Habtamu Mesfin – Ethiopia
10. Laura Moreno Motta – Colombia
11. Lorenzo Del Terra – Italy
12. Marcos Borjas – Honduras
13. Mauricio Obregon – Mexico
14. Murilo Baccetti – Brazil
15. Sascha Renjifo – Colombia
16. Stephany Dávila – Guatemala

Quoting the words of the Class of 2014 students…

“What’s so special about this Master? In a word? Impossible. There are so many aspects that make this master’s program unique. It’s a life changing experience. It opens your mind and widens your horizons. You come here thinking you have a strong knowledge of coffee. And then you realize your knowledge of coffee was just the tip of the iceberg…This master’s program offers you experiences you will never forget, knowledge that will be fundamental for your coffee future and networking that will help you open doors. And the students? They are the ones who bring energy, motivation and the coffee culture of their countries every day into the classroom. In these months of the master program, the students become your family away from home. Together you discuss, learn and dream about coffee”.

- The students of the Class of 2014