Class of 2013

For the first time, with the third edition of the Master’s Program, we have students coming from coffee consuming countries. If students coming from the producing countries find it useful to understand how the coffee sector behaves in the consuming countries, it is also essential the contrary: students from consuming countries must understand the origin of the product in order to be aware of the importance of sustainable development.

Here below are the students of the Class of 2013:

1. Alexander Araujo Morales – Colombia
2. Andrea Fabbiani – Italy
3. Ashley Anne Prentice – Guatemala
4. Fabio de Carvalho Rodrigues – Brazil
5. Fiorella Rosales Ugarte – Peru
6. Frank Joseph Nyarusi – Tanzania
7. Guilherme Keniti Kasuga Morya – Brazil
8. Luis Arocha Urbina – Guatemala
9. Mario Alberto Arroyo Uder – Costarica
10. Marjorie Patricia Canjura Pinto – El Salvador
11. Michael Kaiser – United States
12. Regina Wambui Mwangi – Kenya
13. Shwetha Ashwath – India
14. Techane Gonfa Abebie – Ethiopia
15. Thomas Böttner – Germany
16. Vanessa Ardila Lòpez – Colombia

After a number of years of completing the Program, the students of the Class of 2013 continue to emphasize the crucial role that the Master has had in their own personal and career development, repeating that the Master is a complete program for those who work in the coffee sector or for those who have intention of entering it.

“I would like to express some thoughts on the Master: 1) knowledge is the key point of the program that provides the opportunity to strengthen people to create new generations in the sector. 2) I strongly believe that the Ernesto Illy Foundation is making a huge effort to transfer knowledge to these new generations. 3) …I am still very much convinced of the need of this program for the world of coffee. 4) The knowledge and network that a student gets during the program is essential for future development”.

- Mario Alberto Arroyo Uder

The master’s program has truly given form to my life; I am so glad to be a “product” of this program. After the Master’s program, I have had many career advancements. I can tell you now that I am an all-round woman of coffee .”

- Regina Wambui Mwangi

Below, a video message from the Class of 2013 to the future generations of the Master’s Program: