Class of 2012

The success of the first edition saw an increase in the number of applications for the Class of 2012 of the Master’s Program that began in January 2012 and ended in October 2012, when the students below defended their thesis.

1. Antonio Filippi – Italy
2. Augustin Manirakiza – Burundi
3. Bahati Mlwilo – Tanzania
4. Berhane Ghebremichael – Ethiopia
5. Caetano de Carvalho Berlatto – Brazil
6. Daniel Fernando Pérez Anzueto – Guatemala
7. Glauce de Fernandes e Lourenço – Brazil
8. Helen Catalina Albizù Portillo – Guatemala
9. Heloisa Mara de Melo – Brazil
10. Hugo Valdivia – Peru
11. Madlyn Giovanna Madrid Arroyo – Colombia
12. Marco Mammana – Brazil
13. Pedro Silveira Lisboa – Brazil
14. Prathik Sargod – India
15. Rodolfo Anleu Rodriguez – Guatemala
16. Rosa María Valdivia – Peru
17. Vinay Bellur – India

For many of the participants, the Master’s Program was a turning point in their life, but especially a concretization of what the world of coffee could offer them.

Here are the words of two representatives from the second edition of the Master:

This Master’s Program has changed my life from many points of view; I completely gave up on the idea that I had before attending this program to leave the world of coffee… I’m still very much involved in this world because of my family, coffee represents the past, but especially the present and the future with many challenges and endless things to study and explore. I will continue to study and experience on my plantation.

- Madlyn Giovanna Madrid Arroyo

The Master’s Program is absolutely a fantastic emersion into the world of coffee for all those who do not believe that there are limits in what they are doing.

- Marco Carneiro Mammana

Here below is a video with the opinions from the students of the Class of 2012.