Class of 2011

The Class of 2011 was a challenge to develop and deepen the heritage of ideas, activities and ideas that Ernesto Illy had left as a moral heritage.

This challenge was accepted by the following students:

1. Andres Ignacio Salaverria Alfaro – El Salvador
2. Enosh Ongosi Akuma – Kenya
3. Ernesto Vittorio Leone Illy – Switzerland
4. Esteban Ordoñez Simmonds – Colombia
5. Furio Massolino – Italy
6. Harris Luzinda – Uganda
7. Juan Alfredo Pacas Martinez – El Salvador
8. María Monserrat Hernández Sánchez – Costa Rica
9. Marta Todarello – Italy
10. Merhawit Hadush Gebremariam – Ethiopia
11. Pedro Paulo De Faria Ronca – Brazil
12. Pedro Rodrigues Alves Silveira – Brazil
13. Primus Oswald Kimaryo – Tanzania
14. Sergio Bocanegra Dalponte – Guatemala
15. Shravan Thejas Devarunda Shankar – India

Each of them brought to the class their own experiences, which were merged with the knowledge that the Professors transferred, providing the graduates a wide range of opportunities in the entire coffee sector as well as in the agri-food sector.

Here are the words of two representatives from the first Class of the Master:

“Attending this Master has given me something unique, as well as given me the education as a “coffee expert”; it was an experience that opened my mind. I believe that thanks to the multidisciplinary approach focused on the entire chain of coffee production, the Master gave me the chance to work at any point of the agri-food sector in general”.

- Pedro Rodrigues Alves da Silveira

“The Master gave me the opportunity to have a wide and clear perspective of the entire chain of coffee production. It gave me the opportunity to see beyond the perspective of a coffee producer. It was great to learn how each producing country is different from one another, and share this knowledge with our fellow students. What I liked the most and the message I received was the importance of having love and passion towards what you do at the base of everything”.

- Andres Ignacio Salaverria Alfaro

Here are some moments captured during the first edition of the Master.

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