UNIDO & the Ernesto Illy Foundation

The Public-Private Partnership Project, funded by the Italian Development Cooperation, involves different stakeholders such as UNIDO, the Ethiopian Ministry of Industry, illycaffè and the Ernesto Illy Foundation.

The Project aims at improving the Ethiopian coffee value chain by supporting smallholder farmers and cooperatives through the introduction of Best Agronomical Practices to improve yields, technical skills and provision of practical tool boxes for an optimized post-harvest process, washing stations infrastructures, laboratories, and the dissemination of modern marketing techniques. Through this line of action, the project will operate across the entire Ethiopian Coffee Value Chain in order to increase its social, environmental and economic sustainability and, consequently, its export revenues.

The Ernesto Illy Foundation supports the project and will work jointly with the project’s partners to upscale local capacities and knowledge on the coffee value chain. In particular, thanks to the Master’s Degree in Coffee Economics and Science – Ernesto Illy, an in-depth multidisciplinary training has been offered to two Ethiopian graduates for the Class of 2016 interested in working in the coffee world, and more generally, in the agro-food sector in every productive cycle stages, from cultivation to the catering industry, including logistics and industrial processes.