Fondazione Italia Patria della Bellezza

The destiny of a country is hallmarked by the power and credibility of its reputation. This reputation stems from the country’s clear and unique Competitive Identity. When we think about the US, Germany, or Switzerland, our mind associates these countries with a clearly defined collective perception, expressed in each and every aspect of their life: the “American dream”, the “German quality”, the “Swiss precision”.

Italy’s Talent is its Beauty. For Italians, the value of beauty goes far beyond mere aesthetics. It is an integral part of their identity heritage. It has to do with their history, culture and land, as well as with their scientific research and technological innovation, product quality and creative design. All these features are supplemented by the wealth and diversity of Italy’s agriculture and food culture, its ability to build empathic relationships and its excellent workmanship. This unique mix constitutes a “lifestyle” envied by the whole world.

The Ernesto Illy Foundation is one of the founding members of Fondazione Italia Patria della Bellezza, sharing the mission of positioning Italy, through the definition and the communication of its Competitive Identity, and strengthening it in the collective perception the awareness that Italy is indeed Home to Beauty.